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It is all known that high purity alumina is difficult for metallization in mass production, however Fine-Boon company is skilled for high purity (99.0-99.9%) alumina metallization treatment in our company.
Our high purity alumina metallization components still have superior brazing characteristics. No matter cylindrical or complex ceramic bodies, we have skilled solutions to guarantee consistent uniformity of bandwidth and plating thickness.
Our self-produced unique formulation of Molybdenum-Manganese slurry enables us to get stronger and more robust bond strength with ceramic bodies (typical thickness: 10 to 30 碌m). After metallization, a thin metal coating (such as nickel, typically 3鈥? 碌m ) is applied to the metallization surface using either electrical or chemical plating to achieve the required wettability for subsequent brazing. This also ensures the brazing joints for metal and metalized alumina are excellent air tight for UHV field.
High Purity Alumina Metallization Components
Alumina Metallization Components
Metalized Alumina Ceramics
Shanghai Fine-Boon's strict quality control and streamlined management ensures you only receive a consistent and reliable high purity metallized alumina product with competitive price and just-in- time delivery. Both the thickness for metallization and nickel layers is always inspected using our XRF and microscopes to ensure it meets the standards or customers' specifications. Fine-boon can also provide detailed technical solutions for your requests of various metalized alumina ceramics.
Fine-Boon Company is a professional manufacturer for metalized ceramic components for decades. We accumulated rich experiences and extensive knowledge and skilled engineers. So we can use advanced & proprietary technology to provide cutting-edge metallized alumina components for your special use.
These metallized alumina parts are widely used in critical brazed assemblies by OEM manufacturers and our brazing customers in Electrical transmission and distribution application, new energy system, defense, electronics, medical and aerospace industries.
Main Technical Parameters:
Product NamePrecision Bespoke High Purity Alumina Metallization Components
Compositions99.0 - 99.5% high purity alumina (Al2O3)
MetallizationMolybdenum & Manganese or Tungsten sintering, then Nickel coating
Mo+Mn Layer25 +/-10渭m in thickness for Mo + Mn or Tungsten
Nickel Layer2 -10渭m in thickness
Helium Leak Testing1脳10-12 Pa路m3/s
Tensile Strength鈮?00Kg/cm2
Material Density3.68 - 3.90 g/cm3
Tolerance+/- 0.005mm
FinishingSurface Glazing is optional
Max. Using Temp.1300 掳C
Using FieldsConnector insulators, Feedthrough insulators, Power switches, Vacuum interrupters, Fuel Cell Units, New Energy Vehicles, X-ray tubes, Electrical Appliance, Electric Products
The Main Advantages for Precision High Purity Alumina Metallization Components:
- Good hermetic sealing for UHV use
- High accuracy with secondary machining process
- Fine surface finishing with good appearance
- Easily brazing with high nickel alloy parts directly
- High bonding strength after brazing with metal parts
- Good corrosion & wear resistance in harsh working environments
- Good insulation, anti-magnetic, static electricity free
- Excellent thermal stability in high temperature
- Excellent thermal shock resistance
- Reliable quality, Non-toxic, healthy material, eco friendly
- Conform to ROHS, REACH, CE and CQC regulations
- Professional R&D team is available for one stop service
- Competitive price with punctual delivery
Different Purity Alumina Properties and Characteristics
Made by Shanghai Fine-Boon Company
PropertyASTM MethodUnitsAL74AL95AL95BAL96AL96P
Alumina Contents - %-Al2O3 - %73.895.195.995.895.4
Gas Permeability--gas tightgas tightgas tightgas tightgas tight
DensityC 20-97g/cc3.033.653.683.713.68
Hardness-Mohs Scale99999
Water AbsorptionC 20-97%00000
Flexural StrengthF417-87psi35k45k51k52k48k
Tensile Strength-psi17k22k27k29k23k
Compressive Strength-psi200k265k300k300k285k
Elastic ModulusC848psi x1062544464545
Shear ModulusC848psi x1061018191919
Poisson's RatioC848none0.
C.T.E., 25 - 100掳CC372-96x10-6/掳C5.56.16.466.3
C.T.E., 25 - 300掳C--5.876.76.86.9
C.T.E., 25 - 600掳C--
Thermal Conductivity, 25掳CC 408W/m-K419222321
Max. Use Temperature (Non-Loading)-掳F28003000310031003100
Dielectric Strength (.125" thick)D149-97AV/mil225250250250250
Dielectric ConstantD150-98-7999.19
@ 1MHz
Dielectric ConstantD2520-95-N/A9.299.18.9
Dielectric Loss @ 1MHzD150-98-0.00120.00060.00060.00040.0006
Dielectric LossD2520-95-N/A0.00090.00070.00070.0006
Volume Resistivity,D 257ohms-cm>1E + 14>1E + 14>1E + 14>1E + 14>1E + 14
Volume Resistivity, 300掳C--4E + 105E + 121E + 123E + 121E + 11
Volume Resistivity, 700掳C--2E + 091E + 122E + 111E + 121E + 10Industrial Metallized Ceramic Parts factory


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